Fourth Avenue Street Fairs

Street Fairs, there are two per year, one in spring and one in winter.. The Street Fair takes place between Ninth Street and University Blvd. along Fourth Avenue. Free to the public, the Fourth Avenue Street Fair brings together 400 arts and crafts booths, 35 food vendors, 4 stages, street musicians, food, jugglers, street performers, kids entertainment, face painting, balloons, and tons of other fun activities, then packs them into three days of celebration. The Fourth Avenue Street Fair began in 1970 when Fourth Avenue merchants put tables in front of their stores to attract customers before the holidays. From that beginning it has developed into one of the premier street fairs in the nation, drawing crowds of 200,000 to 350,000 and ranking as one of the top visual arts fairs in the country. There is something for everyone at the Street Fair. Come for the shopping: 400 booths featuring arts and crafts that cover the spectrum from fine art to country crafts. Glass, clay, wood, clothing, metal, jewelry, pre-packaged food, all hand made and on sale by the artist/craftsperson. Come for the food: 30 food vendors selling an eclectic mix of good things to eat. Greek, Mexican, Thai, BBQ, fry bread, funnel cakes, chicken, and more. Come for the music: 3 stages with something for everyone! Come for the entertainment: kids areas; flight simulators; climbing rocks; face painting; chair massages; everything and anything you can imagine! The two annual Street Fairs are Tucson’s biggest event!

Places to Eat at the 4th Avenue

Bison Witches Bar & Deli 326 N. 4th Ave., 740-1541. Meet your friends at Bison Witches.

Brooklyn Pizza Company 534 N. 4th Ave., 622-6868

Carusos Restaurant 434 N. 4th Ave., 624-5765. 40 years of Italian dining on 4th avenue.

Casbah Tea House 6281/2 N. 4th. Ave., 740-0393

Che’s Lounge 350 N. 4th Ave., 623-2088. Neighborhood bar, entertainment most weekends.

Chocolate Iguana on Fourth 500 N. 4th Ave., #1, 798-1211. Espresso bar and sweet shop.

Dairy Queen 501 N. 4th Ave., 882-0959. The oldest in the State!

Delectables Restaurant & Catering 533 N. 4th Ave., 884-9289. Casual gourmet dining awaits you.

Guido’s Bar & Grill 424 N. 4th Ave. 882-0959

Plush Bar and nightclub 340 E. 6th St.

Lucky Chinese 431 N. 4th Ave.,

It’s About Time 616 N. 4th Ave., 882-3053

Magpies Gourmet Pizza  605 N. 4th Ave., 628-1661. Gourmet pizzas, calzones and salads.

Maloney’s 301 E. Stevens, 388-9355

O’Malleys on Fourth 247 N. 4th Ave., 623-8600. Sports bar, live music, food.

The Hut 305 N. 4th Ave., 623-3200

The Shanty 401 E. 9th St. 623-2664